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Fluke 2042

Cable Finder (Transmitter + Receiver)

  • Weight g: 810

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Fluke 2042 Universal system for determining the location of wires.
The Fluke 2042 is a professional, versatile cable detector. It is ideally suited for detecting cables in walls and underground, locating fuses / circuit breakers in end circuits, and detecting open and short circuits in cables and floor heating systems. You can use it to detect metal pipes for water and heating. In addition to this the device is supplied fully equipped and consists of a transmitter and a receiver located in a special portable case. Moreover the receiver is also equipped with a backlight system for working in low light conditions. Above all you can get the product now!

  • However you can use it for For all applications (current-carrying and dead cables) without the use of additional measuring instruments
  • Transmitter and receiver included
  • Reliable digitally encoded transmitter signal ensures clear signal recognition
  • Transmitter is equipped with a liquid crystal display showing the transmission level, transmitted signal code and external voltage
  • The receiver is equipped with a backlit liquid crystal display showing the received signal level, received signal code and operating voltage
  • Moreover the automatic or manual adjustment of receiver sensitivity
  • It has an Acoustic switch being taken on signal
  • Auto Power Off
  • In addition to this you can use the additional light for working in the dark

There are additional transmitters as an extension or for the recognition of multiple signals.

Scope of delivery :

  • 4 Test leads
  • Battery 9V, IEC 6LR61
  • 6 Batteries 1.5 V, IEC LR6
  • 2 crocodile clips
  • 2 Set of test probes
  • Convenient case
  • User manual
Nom. number 9000027062
Manufacturer Fluke
Weight g 810

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