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Fluke 435 II

Three-Phase Network Power Quality Analyzer

  • Appointment : analysis of parameters
  • State registry: Yes

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The new Fluke 435 II Quality and Energy Analyzers offer the best functionality. Hence for energy quality analysis and, for the first time, offer the option of monetary quantification of energy loss.

Moreover the new Fluke 434, 435, and 437 Series II models will help you detect, prevent, and find out the causes of power quality problems in three-phase and single-phase distribution systems. In addition to this, Fluke’s patented energy loss calculation algorithm, Unified Power Measurement. Moreover allows you to measure and quantify energy losses due to low power quality problems. But such as harmonics and imbalances, allowing the user to isolate the source of energy losses in the system and carry out the necessary repairs.

Improvements made at the request of customers:

  • New flexible x4 current sensors with an extended range – from 0.5 A to 6000 A
  • Standard isolated USB port with updated PowerLog 3.0 software
  • Lighter lithium-ion battery for longer battery life
  • Memory card SD 8 GB, support of cards up to 32 GB allows registration for months
  • New bright full-color LCD with a diagonal of 153 mm

Scope of delivery:

  • Optional BC430 power adapter
  • Set of adapters for sockets of various standards
  • BP290 (lithium single-capacity i-ion battery) 28W • h (7 hours or more)
  • Set of TL430 test probes and a set of crocodile clips
  • WC100 color-coded latches and labels according to regional standards
  • i430flex-TF flexible current sensors, 24 inches (61 cm) long, 4 pcs.
  • SD card 8 GB
  • So PowerLog software on CD (the operator’s manual in PDF format on the disc). Fluke View integrated with new Powerlog software
  • USB cable AB mini
  • Fluke 435 II

3 year warranty of Fluke 435 II.

Nom. number 9000136462
Manufacturer Fluke
Manufacturer Yes
Appointment analysis of parameters

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