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Fluke VT04

Thermal imaging thermometer (thermal scanner)

  • A type: base
  • The maximum measured temperature, With: 250
  • Series: fluke vt
  • State registry:Yes
  • Weight, g: 850

-10 … 250 ° C (State Register)

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Fluke VT04 Instant Problem Detection is the most efficient addition to Fluke’s progressive family of visual infrared thermometers. Moreover VT04 is equipped with PyroBlend® Plus technology, which provides 4 times increased clarity of images, simplifying the detection of problems. So the model has a best-in-class field of view for working in confined spaces. As well as automatic control functions that allow you to find difficult, inconsistent problems.

Can see everything.

Each infrared visual thermometer is equipped with a digital camera with an overlaid heat map that allows you to instantly determine the exact location of the problem. In addition to this Fluke VT04 is equipped with PyroBlend® Plus technology, which provides 4 times higher clarity of images, which allows you to diagnose problems in more detail.

No special training is required – start searching for hidden problems immediately after unpacking.

Fluke visual infrared thermometers work on the principle of “point and shoot”, they are specially designed in such a way that they do not require training to work with them. So With just one click, the VT04 visual infrared thermometer simultaneously saves the digital image along with the superimposed heat map. Therefore this instantly allows you to see the exact location of the problem. You can also make a report in the SmartView® software. Hence it is included in the kit.

A true pocket size model is always around when you need it

The Fluke VT04 Visual Infrared Thermometer is an advanced troubleshooting tool specially designed to fit in your pocket. Fluke’s visual infrared thermometers are more than half the size of infrared cameras and have a real slim design that makes it easy to fit in your pocket.

Search for difficult to identify, intermittent problems

Fluke VT04 is equipped having 3 effective alarms. As well as automatic control functions that allow you to take pictures at a predetermined interval or after turning on the temperature alarm. This is ideal for monitoring without the presence of an operator, allows you to monitor the operation of the machine in time, as well as find difficult to detect, intermittent problems. Only the Fluke VT04 offers powerful alarms and auto-monitoring features at a revolutionary price.

Nom. number 9000204225
Manufacturer Fluke
A type base
The maximum measured temperature, With 250
Series fluke vt
State registry Yes
Weight, g 300

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