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High Flux Cream

    • A type: neutral flux
    • Packaging: 5
    • State of aggregation: pasty
    • Weight g: 16


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FMKANC32-005, the highest quality flux-cream on a rosin basis, non-laundering, weakly activated FSW32, DIN8511, 5ml syringe cartridge with a piston and a needle. Best results when soldering BGA as well as QFP microwave

Nom. number 959825896
Manufacturer ERSA Soldering Tools
A type neutral flux
Packaging 5
State of aggregation pasty
Weight g 16

No clean tacky flux for bumping, BGA, CSP, surface mount and hybrid applications. Flux residues may remain on the circuit and do not need to be washed. For cleaning of flux residues, Zestron and Vigon cleaners can be used

  • Suitable for lead free and lead containing bumps
  • Excellent wetting behaviour
  • Perfect cleaning properties
  • Store the flux in tightly-sealed cartridges
    and avoid exposure to sunlight and high
  • Max expiration date: please refer to the
    expiry date on the label of the packaged
  • Storage condition in the refrigerator at 2 –
    10 °C
  • Store cartridges with tip pointing

Flux Conditioning:
The flux is used as supplied and the fresh flux is applied to the board directly from a cartridge.

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