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FTP2-S (01-0122), Twisted Pair, 2 Twisted Pair

Cat5e Single Shielded

  • A type: ftp
  • Number of pairs: 2
  • LAN Category: 5e
  • Number of cores of the central conductor: single core
  • Shielding Type: single
  • Bay size, m: from 1m
  • Weight g: 27.87

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FTP2-S (01-0122), FTP cable 2PR 24AWG CAT5e 305m. Shielded twisted pair, conductor material is highly purified oxygen-free copper, with a diameter of 0.51 mm. (24 AWG). Sheath material – PVC.

Scope of a cable:

  • Local area networks of general purpose.
  • Home networks.
  • Small business networks.
  • Computer networks.
  • Data networks.
  • Telephony.
  • Digital television.
  • CCTV systems (IP cameras).
  • Security and access control systems.
  • Highly specialized networks (trade equipment, storage networks, production networks using non-standard peripheral equipment, such as machine tools, variators, printing machines).
  • A twisted-pair cable connects and transmits a signal between computers, computers and the server.


The use of cable is regulated by the Customs Union Certificate of Conformity (EAC).
The twisted-pair cable fully complies with the requirements of the ANSI / TIA / EIA-568-B.2 standard and the international standard ISO / IEC 11801 as amended in 2002 (edition 2).

Technical description:

  • The cable has 4 (four wires), two pairs (2PR).
  • The conductor material is highly purified oxygen-free copper, with a diameter of 0.51 mm.
  • Insulation of the conductor – high density polyethylene (HDPE), diameter 1.02 mm.
  • Shielding, FTP – ON SCREEN (Aluminum foil).
  • External PVC insulation – polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thickness 0.5 mm.
  • Total cable diameter 5.5 mm.
  • The cable bending radius minimally withstands 8 (eight) external cable diameters.
  • Frequency range 1-100 MHz.
  • Operating temperature from minus 40 C to plus 60 C, laying and installation of cables should be carried out at a temperature not lower than minus 10 C.
  • Packing: bay 305 m. / Four bays in a box.
  • Service life 25 years.s
Nom. number 441145054
Manufacturer China
A type ftp
Number of pairs 2
LAN Category 5e
Number of cores of the central conductor single core
Shielding Type single
Bay size, m from 1m
Weight g 27.87

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