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Green LED 60 ° d = 3mm 20-40mCd 565nM (Green)

  • Glow color: green
  • Wavelength nm: 565
  • Maximum luminous intensity Iv max., MKd: 7
  • at current Ipr., mA: 20
  • Visible solid angle, hail: 60
  • Lens color: green matte
  • Lens size mm: 3
  • Weight g: 0.2

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Red color, GNL-3012GD An additional battery will allow you to work more time during the diagnosis.

Nom. number 9000422969
Manufacturer G-nor Electronics
Glow color green
Wavelength nm 565
Maximum luminous intensity Iv max., MKd 7
at current Ipr., mA 20
Visible solid angle, hail 60
Lens color green matte
Lens size mm 3
Weight g 0.2

1.Low power consumption
2.High efficiency and low cost
3.Versatile mounting on P.C. board or panel
4.Wide and narrow viewing angle
5.Long life sold state reliability

1.The shape of this series is round
2.General application is for indication, illumination,etc.
3.These LED lamps are available with a choice of different
colors, light intensities, epoxy colors, etc.

1. Customer all over the world.
2. Good quality and good reputation.
3. Minimum brightness decay.
4. High rendering index.
5. Good raw material such as
We provide wide range of most of colors are available, such as red, green, yellow, white, blue, yellow green etc.

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