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Optical time domain reflectometer FHO5000-T43F 1310/1550 / filter.

1625nm, 43/41 / 41dB, VFL, TS, LS

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GRW-FHO5000-T43F-TsLs Product.


Technical specifications Grandway GRW-FHO5000-T43F-TsLs

Parameter FHO5000-T43F-TsLs
Wavelength 1310/1550 / filtered 1625 nm
Dynamic range 43/41/41 dB
Dead Zone with Attenuation (ADZ) 5 m
Event Zone (EDZ) 1m
Pulse width 3ns, 5ns, 10ns, 20ns, 50ns, 100ns, 200ns, 500ns, 1mks, 2mks, 5mks, 10mks, 20mks
Number of sample points 128,000
Distance resolution Minimum 0.25 m
Linearity 0.05
Loss threshold 0.01 dB
Loss resolution 0.001 dB
Distance resolution 0.01 m
Distance accuracy ± (1m + measured distance x3x10 -5 + distance resolution)
Cliff Detector 10 mW, 2 Hz
Type of optical connector

SC / PC, ST / PC, LC – optional

APC polishing is available only with a joint order with the device

Memory 40,000 traces
RJ-45 1pc

USB 3pcs (Type A 2pcs, Type B 1pcs)

Color, TFT-LCD 7 inches, touch

220V network or battery

6 hours battery life

Operating temperature -10 to +50 о С
Storage temperature +70 -20 to about C
Dimensions 253 × 168 × 73.5 mm
Weight 1,5 kg

Technical specifications of the LS radiation source via OTDR port

Parameter Value
Mode of operation Via OTDR port
Wavelengths 1310/1550/1625 nm
output power -25 to 0 dBm
Accuracy ± 0.5 dB
Connector type FC / PC by default or by type of OTDR port connector


Options Grandway FHO5000-T43F-TsLs
Power meter option (ordered with the device)
Optical Microscope Option
Accessories Grandway FHO5000-T43F-TsLs
vendor code Name
GRW-LG217-FC FC / PC adapter for FHO5000 OTDR
GRW-LG218-SC SC / PC adapter for FHO5000 OTDR
GRW-LG219-ST ST / PC Adapter for FHO5000 OTDR
GRW-LG120 FC / PC (m) adapter adapter to LC / PC (f) for Grandway appliances
Grandway FHO5000-T43F-TsLs is a new generation optical reflectometer (OTDR) designed for diagnostics of fiber-optic communication lines of city and trunk scales. But FHO5000-T43F-TsLs provides high performance and measurement accuracy, designed to work with single-mode fiber with a range of up to 165km. Therefore the built-in 1625nm filter allows testing an active optical line (light fiber) without disturbing transmission at other wavelengths, which is often necessary in FTTx / PON networks. Moreover the compact size and thoughtful design makes working with the device simple and convenient for users with any level of training.

Grandway FHO5000-T43F-TsLs sends light pulses to the optical fiber, which are reflected from various inhomogeneities and returned to the transceiver port of the device with different time delay and power level. Based on this information, a reflectogram is displayed on the screen of the device, on which all detected events are displayed, such as: connection of connectors, optical welding, macrobending, splitter, fiber end. So For each event, distance and attenuation are determined.

Moreover the built-in VFL break detection port provides the ability to visually monitor fiber status. In addition to this the light of the red spectral range at a wavelength of 625 nm is supplied to the fiber, which passes through the fiber sheath at the points of its damage. Hence at macrobends, thereby allowing the visualization of problem areas.

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Features Grandway FHO5000-T43F-TsLs

  • So the thoughtful design, durable case;
  • Compact, lightweight;
  • In addition to this real-time measurement mode;
  • Monitoring the presence of light in the fiber to prevent damage;
  • So also Built-in break detection (as standard);
  • Moreover the power meter (option);
  • Moreover it has radiation source (as standard);
  • Touch screen (as standard);
  • Optical microscope (optional);
  • Wi-Fi (optional);
  • Installation of markers, 2pcs;
  • Also memory for 40,000 reflectograms;
  • Moreover report Generation Software.
  • GRW-FHO5000-T43F-TsLs

Scope of delivery Grandway FHO5000-T43F-TsLs

  • OTDR with clipping detection options, touch screen, radiation source;
  • 12V power adapter;
  • Rechargeable Battery Lithium;
  • Optical FC adapter;
  • VFL break detector 10 mW;
  • So USB cable as well.
  • In addition to this find out the instructions for GRW-FHO5000-T43F-TsLs
Nom. number 8049951481
Manufacturer Grandway

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