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SAS-2154-WF, 12 V, 105 dB

Piezoelectric siren

  • Weight g: 35

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The SAS-2155 is a thin piezo electric siren with high sound
pressure, low weight and low current consumption. Moreover the sound output is a powerful, clear and less aggressive sweep signal.
In addition to this There are many applications for this siren: all fire alarms, cars and motor vehicles, automation equipment, security devices, etc.

Therefore The vibrating elements are unique and developed at
Sonitron (worldwide patented). However This series is made from high
quality materials, offers extreme reliability and robustness, and
features life time over 2000 hours in continuous use.


SAS-2154-WF, 12 V, 105 dB, A miniature piezoelectric siren with a powerful aggressive sound signal (105 dB) is used in various security systems, fire fighting equipment, anti-theft means for cars.


  1. dustproof and waterproof;
  2. low power consumption;
  3. withstands 2000 hours of continuous sound;
  4. knife contacts; lead free;
  5. without magnetic field;
  6. rated voltage, V 6-15;
  7. rated current, mA 120;
  8. volume, DB 110;
  9. Moreover the working frequency, Hz 1800-3500;
  10. Hence weight, Gr 36;
  11. working temperature, ° С -40 … + 60
Nom. number 9000067375
Manufacturer Sonitron
Weight g 35

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