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HHG1-1 / 032F-38-60A

Relay 3-32VDC, 60A / 440VAC (zero-cross)

  • Switching voltage: change.
  • Control: DC
  • Control voltage, V: 3 … 32
  • Switched alternating voltage, V: 40 … 440
  • Maximum load current, A: 60
  • Control voltage min., V: 3
  • Control voltage max. V: 32
  • Weight g: 145

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Nom. number 9000297110
Manufacturer NCR
Switching voltage change.
Control DC
Control voltage, V 3 … 32
Switched alternating voltage, V 40 … 440
Maximum load current, A 60
Control voltage min., V 3
Control voltage max. V 32
Weight g 145

How does it work?

The HHG1-1 / 032F-38-60A works: Control inputs are connected internally to an LED, which shines across an air gap to light sensors. The light sensor is connected to the transistors which open or close, supplying the relay’s load with power. When a transistor is closed, current can flow freely through the relay, causing the load and power supply to be connected. When a transistor is open, almost all current is blocked, causing the load to become disconnected from the power supply. The pairing of an LED with light sensors is called an opt coupler, and is a common technique to link two parts of a circuit without a direct electrical connection.


  1. No-contact relays that semiconductor is utilized, which enables high-speed and high-frequency operation.
  2. RoHS compliant.
  3. Models also available with no zero cross.
  4. Replaceable power elements.
  5. HHG1-1 / 032F-38-60A Conforms to cULus standards and CE standards

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