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ICSS-64 (DS1010-64W)

DIP panel 64-pin pitch 1.778mm wide

  • The distance between the terminals F, mm: 05/19
  • Series: icss
  • Number of contacts: 64
  • Contact Step: 1.778
  • Insulator resistance not less, MΩ: 1000
  • Contact Material: phosphorus bronze
  • Contact plating: tin
  • Contact Resistance, Ohm: 0.02
  • Current limit, A: 1
  • Maximum voltage not less, V: 1000 in alternating current for 1 min
  • Mounting method: soldering into holes
  • Working temperature ° C: -55 … 105
  • Weight g: 1

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ICSS-64 (DS1010-64W).

We really hope to cooperate in the domestic market, as well as with foreign suppliers, distributors, and industrial enterprises. Moreover to develop together in the international electronic market in order to create new electronic devices together.

Nom. number 503
Manufacturer Ningbo connfly electronic (Zhenqin)
The distance between the terminals F, mm 05/19
Series icss
Number of contacts 64
Contact Step 1.778
Insulator material glass reinforced polymer
Insulator resistance not less, MΩ 1000
Contact Material phosphorus bronze
Contact plating tin
Contact Resistance, Ohm 0.02
Current limit, A 1
Maximum voltage not less, V 1000 in alternating current for 1 min
Mounting method soldering into holes
Working temperature ° C -55 … 105
Weight g 1

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