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Phototriac Output, Zero Crossing, High DV / DT, Low Input Current [DIP-6]

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The IL410 is a high dV / dt low input current PhotoTRIAC Output Optocoupler consists of a GaAs IRLED optically coupled to a photosensitive zero-crossing TRIAC network. High input sensitivity is achieved by using an emitter follower phototransistor and a cascaded SCR pre-driver resulting in an LED trigger current of less than 2mA (DC). The use of a proprietary dV / dt clamp results in a static dV / dt of greater than 10kV / ms. This clamp circuit has a MOSFET that is enhanced when high dV / dt spikes occur between MT1 and MT2 of the TRIAC. When conducting, the FET clamps the base of the phototransistor, disabling the first stage SCR pre-driver. The zero cross line voltage detection circuit consists of two enhancement MOSFETS and a photodiode. Once the main voltage can enable the N-channel, it clamps the base of the phototransistor.

  • High input sensitivity IL410.
  • 5300Vrms Isolation test voltage.
Nom. number 9000009485
Weight g 1
Manufacturer Vishay

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