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Pyroelectric IR Sensor (SMD)

  • Weight g: 0.16

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Main advantages of IRS-B210ST01:

  • The smallest and thinnest sensor in the world (dimensions 4.7 x 4.7 x 2.4)
  • The only pyroelectric sensor on the market with the possibility of wave soldering
  • High sensitivity
  • Moreover it copes with the suppression of electromagnetic interference thanks to a specially developed proprietary technology packaging
  • Thanks to its own small dimensions and the presence of a special flat lens, it saves space and reduces the size of the finished product
  • Therefore Meets RoHS standards

The sensor is designed to detect Human activities:
Lighting systems (automatic light on)
systems Air conditioning and ventilation
Webcams and IP cameras
Other applications where a presence detector is required (in particular, systems aimed at saving energy or ensuring safety)

Brief characteristics:
Sensitivity: 3.6 mVpp
Wavelength min./max .: 3μm / 14μm Sensitivity
angles: 1 = 70 ° 2 = 50 °
Voltage supply min./max .: 2 / 15VDC
Operating temperature min./max .: -40 … 70 ° С
Storage temperature min./max .: -40 … 85 ° С

Nom. number 9000103130
Manufacturer Murata Manufacturing
Weight g 0.16

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