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    • Structure: n channel
    • Breakdown voltage (V (br) gss), V: 25
    • Leakage Current (Idss), mA: 1 … 5
    • At Vds, V (Vgs = 0): 15
    • Cutoff voltage (Vgs off), V: 6 (max)
    • At Id, nA: 10
    • Maximum power dissipation, W: 0.31

Transistor, N-channel 35V 50mA [TO-92]

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J112. N-channel JFET, Fairchild Semiconductor.

Nom. number 2878504801
Structure n channel
Breakdown voltage (V (br) gss), V 35
Leakage Current (Idss), mA 5 (min)
At Vds, V (Vgs = 0) 15
Cutoff voltage (Vgs off), V 1 … 5
At Id, nA 1000
Channel Resistance (RDS (On)), Ohm 50 (max)
Maximum power dissipation, W 0.625
Operating Temperature (Tj), ° C -55 … + 150
Housing to-92
Weight g 0.3
Manufacturer Fairchild Semiconductor


  • This device is designed for low level analog switching, sample and hold circuits and chopper stabilized amplifiers.
  • Sourced from Process 51
  • Source & Drain are interchangeable
  • Source and drain are interchangeable
  • Gate to source breakdown voltage of 35V
  • Gate to source cut-off voltage of 5V
  • Zero gate voltage drain current of 5mA
  • Power dissipation (pd) of 350mW
  • Operating junction temperature of -55°C to 150°C
  • Drain source on resistance of 50 ohm

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