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150W linear halogen lamp (78mm, R7s)

  • Operating voltage, V: 220
  • Power, W: 150
  • Cap: r7s
  • Weight g: 10

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Overview of J78-150W-230-R7s :

Linear type START halogen lamps are widely used in industrial type floodlights for lighting a large area. The high power of the lighting element guarantees bright light with a constant level of luminosity throughout the life of the illuminator.

The linear halogen lamp is equipped with reinforced filament holders, so this lighting element is resistant to mechanical stress. Lamp power is 150 watts. The lamp can work under any temperature conditions. Street lighting involves the use of a sealed lighting fixture.

The installation of a new linear type incandescent lamp should be carried out only with special gloves. Touching the bulb with your hands is not recommended, as it significantly reduces the life of the lighting element.

Halogen incandescent lamps during operation have a strong heating. It is recommended to dismantle the lamps some time after being disconnected from the mains.


  • Model: START J 78 150W 220V -100/500
  • Case Material: Plastic, Glass
  • Diffuser: transparent
  • Flask shape: linear
  • Base: R7s
  • Light Type: Incandescent
  • Power: 150W
  • Service life: 2000 hours
Nom. number 9000159363
Manufacturer GSTART
Operating voltage, V 220
Power, W 150
Cap r7s
Weight g 10

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