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Reed switch closing 2A / 300V 50 ... 120 A

  • Switched current, A: 2
  • Switched voltage, V: 300
  • Response time, ms: 2
  • Release time, ms: 0.8
  • Insulation Resistance, MΩ: 1,000,000,000
  • Maximum resistance of electrical contacts, Ohm: 0.1
  • Operating temperature, C: -60 … 85
  • Contact set: 1 circuit
  • Weight g: 3

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A KEM-1 B, magnetically controlled contact (reed switch) is an electric device that changes the state of an electric circuit by mechanically opening or closing it when a control magnetic field acts on its elements, combining the functions of contacts, springs, and sections of electric and magnetic circuits.
The principle of operation of KEM-1 B reed switches is based on the use of interaction forces arising in a magnetic field between ferromagnetic bodies. In this case, the forces cause deformation and displacement of the ferromagnetic current conductors of the electrons.

Nom. number 20348
Manufacturer Ryazan Plant of Cermet Instruments
Switched current, A 2
Switched voltage, V 300
Response time, ms 2
Release time, ms 0.8
Insulation Resistance, MΩ 1,000,000,000
Maximum resistance of electrical contacts, Ohm 0.1
Operating temperature, C -60 … 85
Contact set 1 circuit
Weight g 3

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