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Knob for cam switch. black DKC


  • Execution: Switching element

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Knob for cam switch. black DKC, Accessories for position switch

Nom. number 8000856939
Manufacturer DKS
Execution Switching element


Knob for cam switch. black DKC. is series rotary switch mainly applies to 440V and below, AC 50Hz. Or 240V and below DC circuits. It used for breaking and closing, change-over of circuits under unfrequently manual operation. Moreover the typical application are: control switch of 3-2 phase motors, control switch gear, control switch of instruments, and change-over switch of machinery and welding machine or something that may fit on this demand.

Working conditions:

  • The product namely Knob for cam switch. black DKC, ambient air temperature is not more than +40 C, and the average temperature within the 24h is no more than +35 C.
  • The lower limit of ambient air temperature is no more than -5 C.
  • The altitude of the installation location is no more than 2000m.
  • When the maximum temperature is +40 C, the relative humidity of the air is not more than 50%.(Allowed to have a higher relative humidity at a lower temperature, for example, 20 C, 90%. )

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