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L 923.06 ALTA Indoor television antenna

active, DMV / DVB-T / DVB-T2 with USB adapter

  • Range: dmv / dvb-t / dvb-t2
  • Gain, dB: 16-19
  • Weight g: 250

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Antennas of the L 923.06 ALTA series have high electrical characteristics, original design, low cost and economical packaging (plastic bag with holder). Designed for watching digital TV (DVB-T, DVB-T2).

Accepts 20 channels + a couple of radio and a couple of terrestrial ones – The picture does not freeze, does not crumble.

These advantages mentioned, tells the quality of the product. All you have to make sure is to adjust the antenna right way and you can enjoy.

Overall dimensions, mm: 271х312×114

The television indoor antenna “ALTA” is designed to receive digital broadcasting programs (DVB-T, DVB-T2) and analogue programs.
broadcasting in the frequency range UHF (UHF). The antenna is produced in several modifications for different reception conditions. Model L920.06 without amplifier, designed for rooms with sufficient signal level. The L921.06 and L923.06 have a built-in amplifier that provides confident reception in difficult conditions. The amplifier is powered via the antenna cable from the antenna input of the digital set-top box or TV. The L923.06 model implements the ability to supply power from both the antenna input and the USB input

Nom. number 9000460524
Manufacturer Locus
Range dmv / dvb-t / dvb-t2
Gain, dB 16-19
Weight g 250

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