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LATR SUNTEK 1000VA range 0-300 Volts (4A)


  • Output current, A:4
  • Output voltage, V: 0 … 300
  • Sizes, mm: 165x200x180
  • Weight kg: 6

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LATR SUNTEK 1000VA allows you to change the output voltage from 0 Volts to 300 Volts with an accuracy of 1 Volt

It is possible to use LATR (laboratory autotransformer) both for scientific purposes – research, experiments, and in everyday life – as a source of “non-standard voltage”, power supply of equipment with an input voltage of ≠ 220 Volts.

Rated power, VA 1000
Maximum current, A 4
Operating range of input voltages, V 0-250
Nom. output voltage range, V 220
Output voltage error,% less than 1%
Manual adjustment
No sinusoidal distortion
Terminal connection option
Operating range t ° С -5 – +40
Passive cooling
Connection method to the terminal network
Case metal
Protection against
short-circuit – Lightning protection –
Overall dimensions d-w-h, cm 16x18x20
Weight, kg. 6

Autotransformer SUNTEK LATR (0-300 Volts) – a single-phase device with an LCD display, allows you to get output voltage from 0 to 300 Volts with an accuracy of 1 Volt. The supply voltage is 220 volts.

LATR (laboratory autotransformer) can be used both for scientific purposes – research, experiments, and at home – as a source of “non-standard voltage”, powering equipment with an input voltage other than 220 volts. Get LATR SUNTEK 1000VA now.

Nom. number 9000288672
Manufacturer Suzhou Suntek Co., Ltd
Output current, A 4
Output voltage, V 0 … 300
Sizes, mm 165x200x180
Weight, kg 6

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