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LED backlight, 0.3m

  • Light source: Light-emitting diode
  • Power, W: 3
  • Weight g: 240

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The LM-3-840-C1 LED line allows you to provide the optimal amount of light to illuminate the working surfaces of the kitchen, desks or other interior items with minimal energy consumption. Additional modules are easily connected to the rulers.

Nom. number 9000220964
Manufacturer ERA
Light source Light-emitting diode
Power, W 3
Weight g 240

LED module LM-3-840-C1 is used to illuminate the workspace on the kitchen table, in the closet, at the desk. Has touch control, which allows you to turn on the module by touch. Easily attaches to any surface. It has a flat profile, only 8 mm thick.

It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, rooms, garage, automotive or even in offices to provide the consistent shadow free light. These LEDs are not sharper to strain in eyes. Moreover you can use them in your daily life usage. Aluminum Housing make the batten light excellent heat conduction.

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