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LM2907N-8 / NOPB

Voltage-to-Frequency Converters

  • Type: frequency to voltage
  • Frequency, MHz: 0.01
  • Case: dip-8 (7.62mm)

Voltage-to-Frequency Converters [MicroSO-8]

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LM2907N-8 / NOPB Voltage / Frequency Converters, National Semiconductor.

National Semiconductor’s economic Voltage to Frequency converters feature low power consumption and a wide dynamic range and are ideal for analog-to-digital conversion applications.

Also available in this range are Frequency to Voltage converters that are well suited to applications such as tachometers and speed governors.

Nom. number 9000317367
Production Texas Instruments
Type frequency to voltage
Frequency, MHz 0.01
Case dip-8 (7.62mm)
Weight, g 1
Manufacturer Texas Instruments

The LM2907 and LM2917 devices are monolithic voltage-to-frequency converters with a high gain op amp designed to operate a relay, lamp, or other load when the input frequency reaches or exceeds a selected rate. The tachometer uses a charge pump technique and offers frequency doubling for low-ripple, full-input protection in two versions (8-pin LM2907 and LM2917), and its output swings to ground for a zero frequency input. However you can read more about features of the products listed here for you:


  1. Ground Referenced Tachometer Input Interfaces Directly With Variable Reluctance Magnetic Pickups
  2. Op Amp  Has Floating Transistor Output
  3. 50-mASinkor Source to Operate Relays, Solenoids, Meters, or LEDs
  4. Frequency Doubling For Low Ripple
  5. Tachometer Has Built-In Hysteresis With Either Differential Input or Ground Referenced Input
  6. ±0.3%Linearity(Typical)
  7. Ground-Referenced Tachometer is Fully Protected From Damage Due to Swings Above VCC and Below Ground
  8. Output Swings to Ground For Zero Frequency Input Easy to Use; VOUT= f IN× VCC× R1 × C1
  9. Zener Regulator on Chip allows Accurate and Stable Frequency to Voltage or Current Conversion (LM2917)

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