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MARS 4K (01-2501), Coaxial (Digital) Cable Cu / Al / CuSn, (96%)

75 Ohm, White

  • A type: mars
  • External insulation color: white
  • Impedance, ohm: 75
  • Bay size, m: from 1
  • Weight g: 48.92

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Cable MARS 4K (01-2501) 75 Ohm. It consists of a central copper wire and a metal braid (shield), separated by a layer of dielectric (internal insulation) and has a common outer sheath PVC. The cable is used to transmit high-frequency signals and has a wave impedance of 75 ohms. Coaxial cables designed to operate in the microwave range are also called radio frequency cables.

Scope of the cable:

  • For use in TV / DVB / DVB-S2 / DVB-T2 / HD networks.
  • Local area networks of general purpose.
  • Cable networks.
  • Television networks.
  • Digital television.
  • Satellite television.
  • CCTV systems.

Technical description:

  • The material of the central conductor is oxygen-free copper wire, diameter 1.00 mm.
  • Physically foamed dielectric, diameter 4.80 mm
  • Screen – double-sided copper screen and braid, consisting of tinned copper conductors 80 x 0.10 mm.
  • External PVC insulation – white polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a green stripe, 0.85 mm thick.
  • The total cable diameter is 6.8 mm.
  • The impedance is 75 ohms.
  • Operating temperature -20 C / + 75C.
  • Service life of 30 years.
Nom. number 229712820
Manufacturer China
A type mars
External insulation color white
Impedance, ohm 75
Bay size, m from 1
Weight g 48.92

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