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Multifunctional Cable Tester

  • Weight g: 550

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MT-7029 with electromagnetic interference filters to eliminate high-frequency noise, the tester allows the user to quickly find and check the status of the cable, as well as troubleshoot wiring. So the main parameters are defined as under:

Main parameters:
Frequency 130kHz
Max. transmission distance ≧ 3km
The Max. cable card distance 300 m
Max. operating current ≦ 70mA
Tone mode – Single tone

Nom. number 9000563165
Manufacturer Pro’sKit (Prokit’s Industries)
Weight g 550


Noise-filtering network PoE toner and probe. In addition tot this the MT-7029 with EMI filters to eliminate high frequency noise for which allows user to quickly locate and verify the cable status and troubleshoot wiring for continuity, shorts, opens and crossover. Moreover it is ideal for all installation and maintenance fields of telecommunication, networking, datacom, Audio/Video, cable TV and all weather cabling, etc.



  • Tone mode:Two-note tone
  • Compatible connectors:RJ45 (8 pin), RJ11 (6 pin)
  • Cable type:Twisted pair cables (UTP、STP、Cat. 5e、Cat. 6、Cat. 7), Cat. 3 telephone cables, Coaxial cables (RG6、RG58、RG59、
  • RG62 and others for CATV/CCTV)
  • Function selection:1 Power switch & 4pcs function button
  • Cable map and pairs LEDs display:8 Indicator LED + 1 Grand LED
  • Cable test effect and faults indication:Good (Connected、Straight), Open (No connection), Short,
  • Continuity test (Ω):≦ 300
  • Shielded indication:Yes
  • Loop-back(TX/RX port):Yes
  • Buzzer indication:Non

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