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NCL-SFW10 (SH10) -15-840-E14 (94045)

Energy-saving lamp 15W, 4000K, E14

  • Operating voltage, V: 220 … 240
  • Power, W: 15(75)
  • Lamp type: energy saving
  • Colour temperature: neutral light
  • Bulb type: spiral
  • Cap: e14

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Navigator NCL-SH is a compact, energy-saving lamp.
The lamp bulb is a spiral made of a fluorescent tube with a diameter of 7 mm in 11 W lamps, 8.65 mm in 15 W lamps.

Nom. number 9000220964
Manufacturer Navigator
Operating voltage, V 220 … 240
Power, W 15 (75)
Lamp type energy saving
Colour temperature neutral light
Bulb type spiral
Cap e14


If fluorescent lights make invisible light, how come they glow white? Here’s the clever part. The thin glass tubes of a fluorescent light are covered in white-colored chemicals called phosphors. When the ultraviolet light strikes atom of the phosphors (shown here as gray dots), it excites their electrons in just the same way that the mercury atoms were excited. This makes the phosphor atoms unstable, so they give off their excess energy as photons—which, this time, happen to be visible, white light (indicated here with yellow wiggly lines).

Energy saving Spiral lamp, Edison Screw fitting, designed to reduce energy consumption and the cost of replacing bulbs, due to the significant increased life.

  • Trusted quality for best performance
  • Up to 80% energy saving over incandescent bulbs.
  • Long life:lasts up to 8 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.
  • Can operate within 10 – 250V range
  • Flicker-free start & Fast run up
  • Maximum brightness for increased comfort

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