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PL4435 (EL-018-13)

Magnifier round 2x + 5x, table with backlight

  • Increase: 5
  • Backlight: LED
  • Weight g: 900

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PL4435 (EL-018-13) table magnifier with LED backlight, on a stand. The stand has a weighting for greater stability of the magnifier. It is ideal for working with small parts and components. Moreover, a flexible holder allows for a convenient location of the lens for work. However, lens with a diameter of 130 mm has high optical characteristics, an increase of 2x the main lens and 5x additional – a small one, made on the main lens. Above all, this is best product!


  • The ultra bright LED – The illumination powered by 2 ultra bright energy-efficient LEDs with on off switch. In other words, it is also perfect for low light reading or fine detail and people with low vision.
  • Premium Clarity Lens – The high quality shatter resistant lens offers a superb 2X (large lenses) and 5X (small lens) magnification power with no smearing and blurring on the images.
  • Brilliant Adjustable Swivel Arms – This magnifier can be angled upward or downward. However, it can stand up on desk magnifying glass with stiffness.
  • Portable & Flexible power option -Take it anywhere indoor or outdoor and this functions with the best illuminated 5x magnification. Therefore, LED light bulbs are either powered by 3 AAA batteries. Batteries not included so you can purchase from us separately. 
  • Ergonomic, Easy Position, & Adjustable – It comes with swivel arms, this magnifier can be angled upward or downward to get the right lens position for a comfortable viewing.
  • Applications – This makes it suitable for reading, jewelry appraisal, doll making, crafts and hobbies.
Nom. number 9000188478
Manufacturer China
Increase 5
Backlight LED
Weight g 900

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