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POS 30 bar d = 8 mm


    • Composition: sn30pb70
    • Weight g: 185


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Get POS 30 bar d = 8 mm solder, Tinning and soldering of non-critical mechanical parts from copper and its alloys, steel and iron.
Melting point 256 ° C

Nom. number 9000195022
Manufacturer Russia
Diameter of solder, mm 8
Composition sn30pb70
Weight g 185

We all know that Soldering is the process of joining two or more electronic parts together by melting solder around the connection. Solder is a metal alloy and when it cools it creates a strong electrical bond between the parts. But Solder, or Solding iron strip plays an important role.

Solder is a metal alloy material that is melted to create a permanent bond between electrical parts. It comes in both lead and lead-free variations with diameters of .032″ and .062″ being the most common. Inside the solder core is a material known as flux which helps improve electrical contact and its mechanical strength. Get POS 30 bar d = 8 mm solder now

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