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Portable switching power supply

  • Source type: impulse
  • Output voltage, V: 30/5/5
  • Output current, A: 4/2/2
  • State registry: not
  • Series: ps
  • Weight g: 675

0-30V-3.75A / 2x5V-2A 4xLCD

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The PS2002H is a compact and lightweight portable power source. Despite its modest size, it has two modes of operation and provides a level of output voltages from 0 to 30 volts.

The power source is designed for use with loads, the maximum current of which is up to 4 Amps and with a power of up to 50 watts. Implemented protection against short circuit on the load side.

The power supply has a large contrast LCD display with wide viewing angles.

Modes of operation are selected using two buttons located on the front panel.

Button controls, no mode knobs.

All buttons are pressed very gently, without extra effort. It is possible to preset threshold values, both voltages and currents.

Two built-in USB ports, rated for currents of 2A, provide charging mobile phones or powering other similar peripheral devices.

The modern case design and rational arrangement of controls create maximum convenience and comfort in work.

Large LCD display, the screen of which is divided into 4 smaller screen sizes.

Nom. number 9000296128
Manufacturer Ningbo JiuYuan Electronic
Source type impulse
Output voltage, V 30/5/5
Output current, A 4/2/2
State registrys not
Series ps
Weight g 675

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