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Power Supply, 0-32V 0-6A

  • Source type: linear
  • Number of channels: 1
  • Output voltage, V: 32
  • Output current, A: 6
  • State registry: not
  • Weight, kg: 10

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PWS2326 Main technical characteristics

  • Linear stabilization
  • Output voltage up to 72 V
  • Basic error on voltage 0.05%
  • Basic error on current 0.2%
  • Program resolution 10 mV / 10 mA
  • Ripples and noise less than 3 m peak-peak

Functions and possibilities

  1. So it has a bright display
  2. Up to 20 user-defined presents
  3. Direct input of parameters from the numeric keypad
  4. Change of voltage and current with a user-defined step
  5. Generation of the desired current and voltage
  6. With a wide range of currents and voltages and a resolution of 10 mA and 10 mV, the PWS2000 Series power supplies meet a wide range of application requirements.
  7. So Low-noise linear stabilization and 0.05% voltage accuracy provide clean and accurate power at an affordable price.

Preventing circuit damage and time loss

Moreover the numeric keypad allows you to specify the exact value of the current limit before starting the test. In addition to this you can also specify the maximum output voltage, which will prevent accidental voltage settings above the specified limit. Moreover A user-defined password allows you to lock the front panel to prevent unwanted settings during critical tests.

Everything to make work easier

So the PWS2000 Series power supplies are easy to use and offer a control interface that is familiar with other Tektronix appliances.

Intuitive operation

Moreover the numeric keypad makes it easy to set precise current and voltage values. The “Up / Down” buttons with adjustable step size allow you to change the output parameters in the desired increment.

Bright display

In addition to this the bright vacuum luminescent display provides excellent readability over long distances. But at large angles and in poor lighting conditions.

Settings memory

So to save time when repeating tests, you can save the device settings in one of 20 internal memory cells by a simple click on the “Save” button. Therefore when you want to call up these settings, just click the “Recall” button and select the desired set of parameters.

Nom. number 9000107708
Manufacturer Tektronix
Source type linear
Number of channels 1
Output voltage, V 32
Output current, A 6
State registry not
Weight, kg 10

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