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Power Supply, 0-30V-3Ax2; 5V3A 2xLCD

  • Source type: linear
  • Number of channels: 3
  • Output voltage, V: thirty
  • Output current, A: 3
  • Series: qj … x
  • Weight, kg: 11.6

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QJ3003X III 2 independent adjustable channels + 5V / 3A channel

Possibility of parallel or serial connection of channels. Moreover Output voltage of each adjustable channel: 0 ~ 30V, installation accuracy 0.1V
In addition to this output current of each adjustable channel: 0 ~ 3A, installation accuracy 0.01A Low
ripple: ≤ 0.5mV
Small load effect: ≤ 0.01% ± 3mV
Small influence of mains voltage: ≤ 0.01% ± 2mV
Smooth adjustment of output parameters by the regulators Roughly / accurately
Current and voltage stabilization modes
Indication: 3-digit LCD displays simultaneously on current and voltage
Protection Short circuit
Power: 110 / 220V ± 10%

Nom. number 9000225617
Manufacturer Ningbo JiuYuan Electronic
Source type linear
Number of channels 3
Output voltage, V thirty
Output current, A 3
Series qj … x
Weight, kg 11.6

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