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ReVolter Tiger

Multi-charger with auto / moto start function

  • Weight kg: 1.1

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REVOLTER TIGER is a compact starter -charger, optimal for motor vehicles and cars with a gasoline engine up to 5 liters and a diesel engine up to 2.5 liters.
Peak current 500A. Battery capacity 12000mA / h. A feature of this model is protection against dust and moisture. IP34

The new generation of ReVolter starters for cars and motorcycles exceeds expectations in many ways. In the minds of motorists over the years, an image has formed that the launcher-charger is necessarily something bulky and inconvenient, a big piece of iron that is used in car services and workshops.

What’s more?

The ReVolter brand destroys outdated stereotypes. The starting device is now able not only to start the internal combustion engine, recharge the phone, tablet, but also to fit freely in the smallest glove box.

Wires are supplied with the device, thanks to which a current of 500 A is supplied to the terminals of the standard battery, and then to the starter. A multifunctional and compact battery can make life easier for any car enthusiast, because with Revolter you don’t have to look for a donor or remove and charge a standard battery.


In order to protect you, your car and your launcher, the Intelligent Wires with five degrees of protection are supplied with the Revolter Tiger with:

Reverse polarity protection;
Short circuit protection;
Overcharge protection ROM;
Backflow protection;
And also with an alarm about a malfunctioning standard battery or lack of reliable contact.

With proper use of ROMs with smart wires, the risks of damaging the car’s electrics or starter-charger are minimized.

Revolter Tiger Charger Options

Starting wires with a protective booster for connecting to a car battery and motor vehicles
An adapter with three plugs for charging gadgets via USB:
1) Micro-USB
2) iPhone4 / iPad
3) iPhone5 / iPhone6 ​​/ iPhone7 / iPhone8 / iPhoneX / iPad
The adapter for charging the device from a network of 200 volts
The adapter for charging the device from the car cigarette lighter
Cigarette lighter adapter type “mother” for connecting devices 12V
Instructions in Russian
Case with a zipper for storing and carrying the kit

Specifications Revolter Tiger

  1. Battery capacity 44.4W / h (12,000mAh)
  2. Starting current 250 A
  3. Peak current 500 A
  4. Applicability for starting a car Cars with a voltage of 12 V
  5. Starting engine displacement up to 5 l (gasoline)
  6. up to 2.5 l (diesel)
  7. Outputs 5V / 2A USB output;
  8. 12V / 10A output for car devices;
  9. 12V output for connecting start wires
  10. Power input 15V / 1A
  11. Flashlight LED (steady light, flashing, SOS)
  12. Battery type Lithium Polymer (Li-Po)
  13. Life time 1000 cycles of full discharge / charge (about 3 years)
  14. Duration of charging the device from the network 220 V 3 hours
  15. Temperature range to start -20 ° С + 60 ° С
  16. Storage Temperature Range 0 ° С + 30 ° С
  17. Device weight 414 gr
  18. Device dimensions 155 * 70 * 35 mm
  19. Weight in a company box (full set) 1,100 kg
  20. Brand box dimensions 243 * 130 * 105 mm
Nom. number 9000604448
Manufacturer Revolter
Weight, kg 1.1

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