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SA 150×200

Antistatic neutral packaging bag (1 pc.)

  • Weight g: 3.86

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Cost-effective 80-micron transparent pink, SA 150×200 polyethylene packaging bags for use inside ESD protected areas. They do not generate or accumulate a charge, however, they do not protect against it.

Packages of the SA-series, if necessary, are closed by an excess (on adhesive tape) or sealed.

Packages of the SAC series – If necessary, close with a ZIP lock.


  1. Excellent antistatic performance, provide excellent PCB protection.
  2. Semitransparent material, easy to check the PCB inside.

ESD shielding bags not only prevent the build-up of static electricity (tribocharging) when they are rubbed against another material but, as the name suggests, they also protect the contents of the bag from electrostatic discharge (ESD) transferred from an external source.

Nom. number 489730864
Manufacturer Elme
Weight g 3.86

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