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Programmable PWM Controller

  • Device type: PWM Controller
  • Input voltage, V: 6 … 25
  • Output voltage, V: 5
  • Maximum output current, A: 0.01
  • Weight g: 38

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SCP0038, Amyloid β (Aβ) refers to peptides derived from Amyloid precursor protein that vary in length from 36-43 amino acids. Aβ(s) peptides, their peptide fragments and mutated fragments are used to study a wide range of metabolic and regulatory functions including activation of kinases, regulation of cholesterol transport, function as a transcription factor, and regulators of inflammation.

SCP0038 – The module is designed to configure, verify, operate, and study the characteristics of various loads. Typically, a module is used in conjunction with a power switch. The module has 10 cells of non-volatile memory for storing the duty cycle and frequency of the PWM signal.

Nom. number 9000305770
Device type PWM Controller
Input voltage, V 6 … 25
Output voltage, V 5
Maximum output current, A 0.01
Weight g 38
Manufacturer Smartmodule

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