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SPL PL90_3

  • Вес, г: 3.72

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So get SPL PL90_3 Laser Diode 915nm Automotive 2-Pin
Цвет указателя ИК, Длина волны 905 нм, Мощность излучения 75 Вт, Напряжение питания, min 8 В, Напряжение питания, max 11 В
Светодиодный лазер
Кол-во в упаковке: 1

Вес, г3.72

Nom. number 8001790015
Manufacturer Osram


  • Optical peak power up to 75 W
  • Laser wavelength 905 nm
  • Suited for short laser pulses from 1 to 100 n
  • Nanostack™ laser technology including 3
    epitaxially stacked emitters
  • Nanostack™ Lasertechnologie mit 3 epitaktisch
    integrierten Emittern
  • Laser aperture 200 μm x 10 μm
  • Cost effective plastic package for high volume


  • Hand-held Laser Range Finders (LRF) for golfers, hunters, civil engineers
  • Automotive applications (Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), pre-crash detection, collision avoidance, adaptive rear lighting)
  • Moreover it can be used for Traffic surveillance (Laser speed gun, traffic recording, vehicle classification, distance measurement, fog detection)
  • Also for professional laser sensors for distance measuring, positioning, protection

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