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Hall sensor

    • Type of output: digital with ok
    • Sensor Type: hall element
    • The presence of a built-in magnet: there is
    • Field Sensitivity Type: built-in magnet
    • Min supply voltage, V: 3.8
    • Max supply voltage, V: 20
    • Max output current, mA: 40

Hall sensor with magnet horizontal flange

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The SR17C-J6 is a Hall-effect Vane Position Sensor with 26AWG 7-strand lead wire termination. Moreover the SR17 series hall effect vane sensor is designed for the position and speed sensing and is offered in a side mount package. In addition to this the cost-effective SR17 series sensor is tailored for fitness and information technology applications. So they are well suited for use in moderate electrical, chemical and mechanical environments. However the SR17 series sensors contain an internal magnet and Hall effect sensor mounted in a side mount twin tower configuration. In application, a customer supplied ferrous target passes between the tower gap, interrupts the magnetic field and switches the digital state of the sensor. Also this robust solid-state Hall effect sensor is housed in an environmentally sealed plastic package.

  • So it has a Low carbon steel, high permeability, low residual induction.
  • Mechanically interchangeable with our standard optical style sensor.
  • Moreover the operated by a ferrous vane interrupter for pulse counting or position sensing.
  • Current sinking (open collector) output.
  • Medium level magnetic switching to reduce stray field interference.
  • Hence internally sealed package for moderate environment applications.
  • Therefore no mechanical contacts, eliminates product wear.
  • Noncontact position sensing.
Nom. number 220822998
Type of output digital with ok
Sensor Type hall element
The presence of a built-in magnet there is
Field Sensitivity Type built-in magnet
Min supply voltage, V 3.8
Max supply voltage, V 20
Max output current, mA 40
Temperature range, gr. from -20 … 85
Body sr17
Weight g 4
Manufacturer Honeywell

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