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Hall sensor

    • Type of output: digital with ok
    • Sensor Type: hall element
    • The presence of a built-in magnet: not
    • Field Sensitivity Type: bipolar
    • Min supply voltage, V: 4.5
    • Max supply voltage, V: 24
    • Max output current, mA: 20

Hall Sensor bipolar digital 150G TO92

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Overview of SS41.

The SS41 is a Hall effect bipolar sensor for responding to changing magnetic poles. The built-in stabilizer ensures reliable operation in the power range from 4.5 to 24V DC, and the internal circuit prevents damage to the sensor in the event of a change in the polarity of the supply voltage. SS41 sensors are small, versatile, and digital Hall-effect devices that operate from a magnetic field from a permanent magnet or electromagnet. Open collector output voltage works great with a wide range of electronic circuits.

  • Small size (0.16 x 0.12 “).
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Current collector output.
  • Sensitive magnetic characteristics.
  • Operating frequency from 0 kHz to 100 kHz.
Nom. number 50998
Type of output digital with ok
Sensor Type hall element
The presence of a built-in magnet not
Field Sensitivity Type bipolar
Induction on, Gauss 40
Induction off, Gauss -40
Max working frequency, kHz 100
Min supply voltage, V 4.5
Max supply voltage, V 20
Max output current, mA 20
Temperature range, gr. from -55 … 150
Body sr41
Weight g 0.12
Manufacturer Honeywell

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