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Switch of loading modular

1p 63A OptiDin BM63R UHL3 KEAZ 103892

  • Execution: On / off
  • Number of poles: 1
  • Rated continuous current Iu: 63 A
  • Degree of protection (IP) of the front side: ip20
  • Control type: Rocker arm
  • With zero position: not
  • Type of connection of the main electric circuit: Screw connection
  • Suitable for switchboard: Yes
  • Suitable for mounting on the front panel: Yes
  • Suitable for mounting on the base: not
  • Complete device in the housing: not

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Switch of loading modular Best product to buy!

  • PURPOSE of Switch of loading modular

The load switch is a manual switching device and is designed for infrequent switching (on / off) of the load. The current consumed by the load must not exceed the rated current of the circuit breaker.


Residential and administrative buildings, outgoing lines of ASU 230 / 400V. Cannot be used for switching inductive and capacitive loads.


When you press the lever with your hand, the switch mechanism and the movable contact provide a double break in the electric circuit. During reverse movement, the switch contacts close.


35 mm DIN rail.
Switch of loading modular. Load switch

Nom. number 8000843234
Manufacturer KEAZ
Execution On / off
Number of poles 1
Rated continuous current Iu 63 A
Degree of protection (IP) of the front side ip20
Control type Rocker arm
With zero position not
Type of connection of the main electric circuit Screw connection
Suitable for switchboard Yes
Suitable for mounting on the front panel Yes
Suitable for mounting on the base not
Complete device in the housing not

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