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The ULN2803ADW is a Darlington transistor, also known as a Darlington pair. This high current gain device is used to achieve this performance boost.

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The ULN2803ADW is a Darlington transistor, also known as a Darlington pair. is a transistor configuration that provides high current gain and high input impedance. It’s essentially two transistors wired together in a specific way. to achieve this performance boost.

A Darlington pair configuration consists of two bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) connected in a common-emitter configuration. The emitter of the first transistor is connected to the base of the second transistor. This creates a composite transistor with very high current gain. Usually on the order of tens of thousands.

A Darlington transistor array is a package containing multiple pairs of Darlington transistors in a single integrated circuit. These arrays are typically used in applications requiring high current switching. Such as power supplies, motor control circuits and other similar applications. by integrating multiple Darlington pairs in a single package. Arrays can provide higher current capability while reducing the number of components required in the circuit design.

Darlington transistor arrays are available in a variety of package types. Includes through-hole and surface mount packages. Various numbers of transistor pairs are available depending on specific application requirements.

ULN2803ADW Feature

  • Multiple transistors in a single package, which saves board space and simplifies assembly.
  • Built-in protection features such as thermal shutdown and overvoltage protection.
  • High output current capabilities, which make them suitable for driving loads such as motors and solenoids.
  • Low saturation voltage, which reduces power dissipation and improves efficiency.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of input voltages and currents.


Q:What is the difference between a single Darlington transistor and a Darlington transistor array?

A:A single Darlington transistor consists of two bipolar transistors connected in a particular configuration. On the other hand, a Darlington transistor array contains multiple Darlington transistors integrated on a single chip. This makes it easier to use multiple transistors in a circuit without having to connect them individually.

Q:What are the advantages of using Darlington transistors?

A:Darlington transistors have a very high current gain, which makes them ideal for applications where a small input signal needs to control a larger output signal. They also have a high input impedance and low output impedance, which makes them suitable for interfacing with other electronic circuits.

Q:What are the disadvantages of using Darlington transistors?

A:The main disadvantage of Darlington transistors is their relatively high saturation voltage, which can lead to power dissipation and reduce efficiency. They may also require more base current than a single transistor, which can be a concern in some applications.

Q:What are some common applications for Darlington transistors and arrays?

A:Darlington transistors and arrays are commonly used in applications such as motor drivers, switching regulators, and high-current LED drivers. They are also used in audio amplifiers, power supplies, and other circuits where high current gain and low output impedance are important.

Q:How do I choose a Darlington transistor or array for my application?

A:When selecting a Darlington transistor or array, consider factors such as the maximum output current required, the voltage and current ratings of the load, the input voltage and current required to drive the transistor, and the power dissipation and efficiency of the circuit. It is also important to choose a transistor or array with built-in protection features if needed.


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