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Airflow Velocity and Temperature Meter

Airflow Velocity and Temperature Meter, Hot Air Anemometer with USB

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The UT361 and UT362 series anemometers have a very accurate and sensitive measuring part.

A high-strength shaft is used as the fan axis, which ensures the accuracy and
stability of measurements. The device is equipped with a dual LCD display with 8 characters (VEL + Temperature, Flow + Area).

The UT361 and UT362 models measure the airflow rate in real-time using the following units: m / s (m / s), km / h (km / h), ft / min (ft / min), MPH (mph), KNOT (knots), CFM (cubic feet / min), CMM (cubic meters / min). The device can also show the maximum value, minimum value, average value, temperature on the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

The maximum number of entries is 2044.

The UT362 can be connected to a computer. When connected to a computer, it is possible to measure air velocity in real-time, save data on a computer, and analyze and print saved data. When synchronizing with a computer, it can automatically turn off or work without stopping. Get UT362 now.

Nom. number 9000071536
Manufacturer Uni Trend Group
A type with impeller
Weight, kg 630

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