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Versaflame 2200

Gas burner + Gas soldering iron

    • Burner temperature : 1200
    • Time of continuous work, min.: 75
    • Auto ignition: Yes
    • Weight g: 1.1


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Dremel VersaFlame 2200 is the only stationary blowtorch that safely combines the ability to use an open flame with a catalyst and a soldering nozzle, turning this tool into the most versatile stationary blowtorch to date, especially useful for home craftsmen. Dremel VersaFlame runs on liquefied butane, quickly warms up and quickly recharges. Fields of application: soldering, heat shrinkage, welding, etc.

Characteristics and advantages

  • Tank capacity 22 grams: works longer; a full tank increases the operating time up to 75 minutes at maximum load
  • Child lock: the child will not be able to turn on the tool
  • Flame lock: for long independent work
  • Stationary work: when connecting the removable foot
  • Precise flame: for fine work with an open flame
  • Works on liquefied butane: ready to work anytime and anywhere
  • Very short heating time and fast reloading: always ready to work
  • High reliability: long life
  • Ability to select the temperature regime: set the temperature suitable for your project

Technical characteristics
Weight: 0.227 kg
Ignition: Piezo Burning
time: 75 min.
Tank capacity: 42ml / 22g
Temperature: 1,200 ° C (atmospheric air) 680 – 1,000 ° C (hot air) 550 ° C (nozzles)

Nom. number 9000107279
Manufacturer Dremel
Burner temperature 1200
Time of continuous work, min. 75
Auto ignition Yes
Weight g 1.1

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