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VRPI-M 1.5- (6.3) (VRPI-M 1.5-7-0.8)

vibration-proof flat connector 0.5 - 1.5 mm square.

  • Tip Type: nest
  • Functional purpose: vibration resistant connector
  • Insulation: there is
  • Series: VRPI
  • The maximum section of the clamped wire, sq. Mm: 1.5
  • Insulator color: red
  • Mounting method: crimp
  • Weight g: 0.9

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Red color, VRPI-M 1.5- (6.3) (VRPI-M 1.5-7-0.8) is A vibration-proof flat connector, is used to connect the wires with high quality conductor. Moreover this is used to make the current flow easier and you can easily remove it from the source. It saves your time and can be easily fit with most of the appliances. Therefore The product is now available on Megatronika and you can simply order it.

Nom. number 9000222467
Manufacturer Electrotechnical factory “KVT”
Tip Type nest
Functional purpose vibration resistant connector
Insulation there is
Series VRPI
The maximum section of the clamped wire, sq. Mm 1.5
Insulator color red
Mounting method crimp
Weight g 0.9

Nothing makes a project harder to maintain than a lot of loose wiring.

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