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ZTB 1.0MHz

Ceramic resonator

  • Series: zta
  • Resonance frequency, kHz: 8000
  • Setting accuracy (at 25 C), %: 0.3
  • Temperature coefficient (in the range -20 … 80С), %: 0.3
  • Maximum resonant resistance, Ohm: 25
  • Built-in capacitor, pF: not
  • Working temperature, C: -20 … 80

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ZTB Ceramic resonator in a plastic case
So the temperature stability,% – +0.3
Operating temperature, ° C -20 … + 80

Nom. number 418286690
Series zta
Resonance frequency, kHz 8000
Setting accuracy (at 25 C), % 0.3
Temperature coefficient (in the range -20 … 80С),% 0.3
Maximum resonant resistance, Ohm 25
Built-in capacitor, pF not
Working temperature, C -20 … 80
Case length L, mm 10
Case Width W, mm 10
Weight g 0.2
Manufacturer China

So with the advance of the IC technology, various equipment may be controlled by a single LSI integrated circuit, such as the one-chip microprocessor. Moreover CERALOCK can be used as the timing element in most microprocessor based equipment. In addition to this in the future, more and more applications will use CERALOCK. Therefore because of its high stability non adjustment performance, miniature size and cost savings. So typical applications include TVs, VCRs, automotive electronic devices, telephones, copiers, cameras, voice synthesizers, communication equipment, remote controls and toys.

So resonators function like crystals but are cheaper and have built-in capacitors. Moreover are not quite as accurate as crystals but do function better than crystals over a large temperature range. Therefore these resonators are +/-0.5% or better from -20C-+80C. However these resonators have built-in load capacitors so no external caps are needed. So you can Get ZTB  now from Megatronika in an affordable price.

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