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Kromschroder sensors


Kromschroder sensors

You can buy Kromschroder Sensors from Megatronicka company wholesale or retail. We will deliver Kromschroder Sensors to any region . We can offer an exact analogue. We work directly with the manufacturer, without using intermediaries.

Kromschroder sensors are widely used in industrial gas burners, security systems. They are used in gas-consuming installations, in the manufacture of boilers, for monitoring fans, flue gas levels, for supply or exhaust ventilation, in air conditioners and laboratories. They allow you to control the pressure difference, in the event of inconsistency situations, the sensors trigger the electrical shutdown mechanism.

Advantage of sensors:

  • high-quality material of manufacture;
  • quick response;
  • long service life;
  • resistance to high loads;
  • wide operating temperature range;
  • high degree of protection.

An extensive product line of the Kromschroder company will equip any facility: industrial, residential or administrative, with the necessary equipment for the successful functioning of the production and heating process.

Every year, the company’s specialists are focused on improving equipment, improving its performance and functionality.

Kromschroder sensors

Main varieties

UV flame detectors are sensitive products and are used in conjunction with automatic machines or burner control units. Their main performance characteristics:

  • operating voltage is –220 V;
  • main range – 190 … 270 nm;
  • availability of IP65 protection;
  • working temperature – from -40 to +80 degrees.

UV sensors can be used in burners of various capacities, in industrial furnaces, in precision incineration plants. They are distinguished by a long service life, reliability and safety.

Pressure sensors are used in the form of safety relays, prevent the occurrence of malfunctions when the pressure in the network increases, and prevent the discharge of gas or air in heating installations. They are produced in the following model range:

  1. DG – these sensors are designed to monitor overpressure, sudden changes and gas vacuum. There are several subspecies:
  • DG N – contribute to blocking the system under reduced pressure;
  • DG B – used to prevent overpressure in the system;
  • DG H – allow you to block the system when high pressure is detected;
  • DG U – used for vacuum, differential / overpressure;
  • DG I – contribute to gas discharge;
  • DG S – with their help you can control excess pressure (ammonia or oxygen).

To unlock, the corresponding buttons are pressed, this action is performed after the normalization of the readings on the sensor.

  1. DL – are used when air is the working medium in the system. With their help, it is possible to eliminate vacuum, normalize excess pressure, and prevent drops in the system. Temperature range – from -15 to +80 degrees. Degree of protection: IP 54 or IP 10. Connection is via screw terminals. It is preferable to use a vertical arrangement when installing.
  2. DG C – help to monitor pressure in safety devices. They can be triggered when the pressure rises or falls. The sensors are great for biogas, air, liquefied natural gas. Working temperature range from -10 to +70 degrees.

Kromschroder sensors

How to choose

When choosing sensors from Kromschroder, it is necessary to take into account their field of application: for gas, air. Pay attention to the following technical characteristics:

  • on power and voltage level;
  • for the temperature operating range;
  • for the permissible ambient temperature;
  • to the level of protection;
  • for additional features.

With the correct arrangement of tasks, you can quickly determine the type of sensor and select the required model.

Buy sensors kromschroder

In the multi-brand company Megatronicka, you can purchase reliable and safe gas-heating, electronic equipment of the well-known foreign brand Kromschroder. The site contains only original, certified goods that meet the GOST standard. The equipment meets the declared characteristics and is accompanied by the corresponding documentation.

With the help of a convenient catalog, you can quickly find the required product of the required brand and model. You can fill out an application online or contact the company’s manager by phone.

In Megatronicka, you can buy imported goods for gas-consuming installations, for boilers, for controlling fans or flue gas levels, for supply or exhaust ventilation. The online store works directly with the manufacturer. The client receives a product with a guarantee and delivery throughout  CIS. It is permissible to use the express delivery service in 1 day.

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