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Kromschroder valves


Kromschroder valves

You can buy Kromschroder valves from Megatronicka company wholesale or retail. We will deliver Kromschroder Valves to any region. We can offer an exact analogue. We work directly with the manufacturer, without using intermediaries.

Kromschroder valves are excellent for heating equipment and can be used in industry. They allow the regulation of injection, soldering burners and pressure boilers, and are suitable for heating systems.

The advantages of these valves are as follows:

  • in the use of quality materials in the manufacture;
  • in a reliable assembly;
  • in high performance;
  • available control indicator;
  • in the compactness of the design;
  • in quick and easy installation;
  • in a wide range of applications.

The solenoid valve and the combined unit are actively used in security systems. They play the role of fast-acting automatic shut-off elements for various gaseous substances: for air and gas. The valves are suitable for gas-consuming equipment. They can be used in metallurgy, glass and ceramic industries.

Kromschroder valves

Main varieties

Solenoid valves can be produced in several modifications:

  1. VAS – valves of this series are used as a shut-off mechanism in the gas supply system, air in various gas devices. In the form of gas can be used: biogas, natural gas, air, liquefied gas. Tightness is determined by class A. There are two subtypes: VAS L – a valve with a damper, it takes 30 s to open, 1 s to close, VAS N – a valve without a damper, it takes the same amount of time to open it as to close – 1 s … The device is made of aluminum. Together with the valve, pressure sensors, tightness control machines, measuring points, bypass solenoid valves can be used. A distinctive feature is the modular design.
  2. VAN is a normally open valve type used in the safety systems of existing gas paths. Products have high hermetic protection, withstand working pressure up to 500 mbar, are characterized by a speed of 0.5 or 1 s. The valve is capable of operating at temperatures from -20 to +50 degrees.
  3. VR – manufactured to regulate the air flow in gas-consuming installations. Produced with damper – VR R or without damper – VR N. Medium is only air. Working pressure not higher than 150 mbar. The valve responds quickly to changes in system pressure. The body is made of aluminum, the device operates at an air temperature not exceeding 150 degrees.
  4. VG – used as a shut-off mechanism in gas burners, in various installations and other devices where there is a need to install this type of valve. Main working pressure: 100, 360 or 500 mbar. Connected by thread or by means of flanges, depending on the modification. The operating voltage is 120, 230, 24 V.
  5. VGP is excellent for gas, air control in gas burners or installations. The device operates at a pressure of 150 or 200 mbar, depending on the version. The valve voltage is – 230 V. Electricity consumption: 26 or 35 W.
  6. VK motor valves are high quality automatic shut-off valves. They are used in air, gas supply systems for burners or in other equipment. They are excellent for two-stage regulation and have a mesh filter. Allocate:
  • single stage motor valve;
  • one-stage valve with position indicator;
  • two-stage with position indicator;
  • explosion-proof valve VK X series.

Safety valves can be:

  • relief valves VSBV – allow you to get rid of excess gas in the area where there is a short-term increase in pressure above the permissible limit;
  • JSAV shut-off valves – they can be used to shut off the gas supply when there is an increase or decrease in the gas content;
  • check valves – protect against pressure surges, in GRS – there is no protection against a breakthrough of flame, in GRSF – there is an additional filter.

Kromschroder valves

How to choose

When choosing Kromschroder valves, the following technical data must be observed:

  • working power;
  • working environment: gas, air;
  • operating pressure;
  • on or off time;
  • class and degree of protection;
  • working temperature;
  • short circuit protection.

Along with the valve, other accessories can be purchased to ensure the stable operation of the gas equipment.

Buy valves kromschroder

The website of the multi-brand company presents a wide range of products from the Kromschroder brand. The devices are notable for their build quality, durability and tightness, they can serve for a long time at high capacities. Megatronicka ​​works directly with the manufacturer without intermediaries. All goods are certified and meet the technical specifications. You can order goods at any time with express delivery in 1 day.

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