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Regulators Kromschroder


Regulators Kromschroder

You can buy Kromschroder Regulators from Megatronicka company wholesale or retail. We will deliver Kromschroder Regulators to any region of Russia. We can offer an exact analogue. We work directly with the manufacturer, without using intermediaries.

Kromschroder pressure regulators – allow you to maintain a constant level of a given outlet pressure, especially if the gas flow rate changes frequently. The device can be used with variable gas inlet pressure in gas pipelines.

Their advantages:

  • versatility;
  • high definition of adjustment;
  • wide range of regulation;
  • does not require maintenance;
  • the presence of a safety membrane;
  • can be used with biogas;
  • long service life.

Thanks to the regulator, the pressure of gas or air, which is supplied to the gas burner, gas-consuming equipment or to the heating system, is normalized. The products are tested and certified, they are manufactured in accordance with GOST and are approved for use in the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine.

Regulators Kromschroder


Regulators are suitable for various types of gas: propane, butane, biogas, natural and municipal gas. For air, it is preferable to use the GDJ L model. The device operates at a pressure not exceeding 400 mbar. The working temperature ranges from -20 to +70 degrees.

The regulator is mounted in a horizontal or vertical position, it is preferable that the device does not come into contact with the wall. The main parts are made from the following materials:

  • valve body and seat made of aluminum;
  • the membrane and seal consists of Perbunan;
  • the valve stem is plastic;
  • attached to the structure by means of a thread.

The basic principle of the regulator: the outlet pressure remains constant, it does not depend on the nominal value and the level of gas consumption. The diaphragm allows precise adjustment. The presence of an atmospheric valve in the device reduces the likelihood of an increase in pressure.

Main varieties

Pressure regulators are of the following types:

  1. VGBF – allows you to regulate the pressure of gas, air supplied to gas burners and industrial equipment, as well as the heating system. They can operate at temperatures from -15 to +60 degrees.
  2. J78R – Suitable for propane, butane, biogas, air and natural gas. The regulator is capable of operating at temperatures from -20 to +70 ° C.
  3. GDJ – refers to a universal type of equipment, helps to stabilize various gases and air in the system. At the inlet, the pressure range must not exceed 400 mbar.
  4. VAD – with its help, the supply of air or gas to the system is stopped if the pressure has reached critical values. The regulator is used in gas burners and gas-consuming equipment.
  5. MR – refers to the combined regulator. Its main advantage is the presence of a safety shut-off valve in the design. They are used in heating systems, in industrial equipment. Made of cast iron.

In addition to the types presented, there are pressure ratio regulators. These include:

  • GIK – helps to ensure a normal ratio of gas or air flow in conditions with a given range, can be used for burner-type systems, suitable for injection mixers;
  • GIK N – allows you to maintain a normal ratio of gas and air in the system, promotes smooth regulation;
  • VAG – the product simultaneously performs two functions: regulating and stopping the supply of gas or air to the system;
  • VAV – devices have a high degree of tightness, fast response and wide temperature range.

Not all devices can be installed outdoors, some are intended for indoor installation only. The distance from the wall is required. A filter is installed at the inlet to the gas installation, a safety relief valve is installed in front of the regulator (if the pressure often exceeds the permissible limits).

Regulators Kromschroder

How to choose

When buying, you need to consider:

  • maximum inlet pressure;
  • the purpose of the regulator;
  • outlet pressure range;
  • connection method;
  • working temperature regime;
  • speed of response;
  • the possibility of using additional equipment.

Such equipment is installed only by specialists in order to reduce the likelihood of inaccuracies in the installation.

Buy regulators kromschroder

The multi-brand Megatronicka ​​company is engaged in the supply of foreign equipment for gas heating systems, industrial enterprises directly from reliable manufacturers. All products are certified, the design of the regulators is reliable and safe. On the site you can buy original devices in any quantity at an acceptable cost.

Delivery is timely throughout Russia and the CIS. The company’s clients have access to the express delivery service in one business day.

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