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Arcolectric switches


Arcolectric switches – allow you to turn on or off electrical circuits by making and breaking. It is very important to include them in electronic circuits. The company produces many variations of these switches that can be used in manufacturing, industry and everyday life.

Advantages of Arcolectric switches:

  • structural reliability;
  • secure connection;
  • electronic circuit protection;
  • a large number of positives;
  • long service life;
  • use of quality raw materials.

Some models of devices have an additional class of protection against dust, moisture, high temperature.


Switches are the elements that control the current in the circuit. Such elements are capable of being closed or open. In the off state, the device is an open circuit. It is broken and impedes the flow of current. When the switch is on, its action is similar to that of a conductor. It has resistance and inductance.

To change the state – on to off or vice versa, you need to take mechanical action – pressing.

Switches are available in single-pole and double-pole versions. They start up quickly, install without problems and can last for a long time.

Main varieties

Rocker switches are available in the following variations:

  • H8500PB ;
  • H8500VB / H8600VB / H8650VB / H8653VB;
  • H8630FB;
  • K8503XB;
  • L8500VBC;
  • R8550VB;
  • R8553AB;
  • T8550HB;
  • T8601VB / T8651VB / T8670VB;
  • X8602VB;
  • H8620VB;
  • R13 112A AAA;
  • R13 112A AAB;
  • R13 112B NAA;
  • R13 112LP;
  • R13 112D AAA.

The most popular models are presented, they differ in the way of pressing, the shape of the button and the number of keys on one product, size, rated current, design and color. Switches can be with or without indicator.

Rotary switches are also presented in a large number of variations: 2-position, 3-position, 4-position, 5-position, 6-position. They have a fixed switch, they have no backlight and no handle. The live part is made of copper alloy, contacts are made of silver alloy. Basic models:

  • C9202AA;
  • C9203BA;
  • C9204CA;
  • C9205DA;
  • C9206MA;
  • C9821PC / C9822PC / C9841PC;
  • H9202NA;
  • H9203PA;
  • H9204RA;
  • H9205SA / H9206SA;
  • T9000.

Slide switches are 2, 3, 4, 5-position, they differ in the nature of switching on and off, namely by moving the slider to the side. They are mounted directly on a printed circuit board, differ in size, rated current.

Home appliance door switches differ in design, color, size and function. Safety switches differ in opening / closing angle. With its help, household appliances are turned off during a change in the set position, which occurs when a fall or in the case of a tilt.

How to choose?

First of all, when choosing a switch, pay attention to:

  • on the size of the product;
  • on the power of the device;
  • on the strength of the rated current;
  • on the number of short circuits and openings of the electrical circuit.

Secondly: they pay attention to the design, the presence of indication or additional protection, the installation method, the principle of switching on and off, the response time.

Where to Buy Arcolectric Switches

The Megatronicka ​​company offers original products of the Arcolectric brand in different designs and for different areas of application: in industry or in everyday life. All imported products meet the requirements of GOST, have a quality certificate and technical documentation.

On Megatronicka website, there are various options for switches: push-button or slide type, for industrial or household equipment. Products reliably protect electronic devices, you can buy them in any quantity. With the help of the catalog, you can quickly find the required switch model and place an application. It is possible to contact the company manager by phone. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia and the CIS. Express delivery service is available for customers.

You can buy Arcolectric switches from Megatronicka company wholesale or retail. We will deliver Arcolectric switches to any region of Russia. We can offer an exact analogue. We work directly with the manufacturer, without using intermediaries.

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