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Arcolectric is a subsidiary of Electron Technology, specializing in the production of: switches, indicator lamps and fuses. Products of this brand can be used in any part of the world.

Company advantages:

  • a wide range of products of various modifications;
  • use of quality material;
  • reliable and safe design;
  • high performance;
  • acceptable price.

Arcolectric’s products are indispensable in their field and have high mechanical characteristics and are resistant to intense loads during operation. The company’s equipment has a wide range of applications, its products are used in almost all industries.

Products and services

The most popular product group can be divided into several categories.

Industrial automation

  1. Fuse holders are a device designed to be mounted on the fuse switch panel. The product can withstand high temperature. The following models of the RA series are produced:
  • 0345;
  • D 0345
  • T 0332/0333/0340/0341.

The RD series has two varieties: T 0347 and U 0347. All holders are characterized by a power of 250 VAC, however, they differ in rated current and dimensions.

  1. Rocker Switches – Allows for on or off. They can be single or double pole, single or double, standard or miniature, with an optional splash guard. Each model has a different key variation. This could be:
  • push button;
  • rounded with or without indication;
  • flat with indicator;
  • with a cutout for the adapter;
  • frosted key with smoothed lines with or without backlighting;
  1. Industrial buttons – designed for quick control of magnetic starters, contactors or automation relays in electrical circuits with alternating current. They can be mounted on a rigid metal panel, protected from direct sunlight, moisture and dust. The buttons are equipped with neon illumination (yellow, green) or made without it.
  2. Rotary switches are special devices with fixed switching, no illumination. The products are intended for domestic or industrial use. All parts to which the current is supplied are made of copper alloy, and the contacts are made of silver alloy. Allocate:
  • 2-position;
  • 3-position;
  • 4-position;
  • 5-position;
  • 6-position.
  1. Slide Switches – Facilitate switching of AC or DC circuits. They are used in radio electronic equipment or in mechanisms for general industrial use. They differ in rated current, number of switching positions: from 2 to 5. The device is mounted on a printed circuit board, used at voltages up to 250V.
  2. Home Appliance Switches – Most commonly door switches that are wired with a terminal and are designed for instant response. They come in different sizes. It can be divided into groups based on the peculiarity of the arrangement of contacts:
  • perpendicular to the axis of the button;
  • along the axis of the button;

In addition, there are safety switches, with their help, household appliances are turned off. Switches for the refrigerator door are distinguished by their design features.

  1. Industrial toggle switch – used in cases where it is not required to switch the device frequently, used in stationary or mobile devices. It is made of metal, nylon, and can be single-pole or double-pole.

Signal fittings

  1. Light signal indicators are designed to indicate the state of the electrical circuit. They are used in switchboards, industrial equipment. They differ in size, nature of execution, color.
  2. Lamp holders for signal indicators are made of chrome-plated brass, black oxide film, nylon. They differ in the type of base, dimensions, lens color.

Buy Arcolectric products

Megatronicka ​​multibrand company is a direct supplier of foreign equipment for domestic and industrial use. The site contains original Arcolectric products at an affordable price of excellent quality. All equipment complies with GOST, has a quality certificate and is accompanied by technical documentation. With the help of the catalog, you can quickly find and determine the required device. After that, place an application or call. Delivery is carried out throughout Russia and the CIS. Express delivery service is available for the company’s clients.

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