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Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) offers a variety of display applications

AUO is committed to technical innovation and product differentiation and continually strengthens its leading edge to meet the diverse needs of the market. AUO has complete 3.5 to 8.5 generation product lines and provides displays that cover a wide range of applications as well as intelligent solutions with software and hardware integration.

The convergence of 5G, big data, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence has changed the technological landscape significantly. Display applications have also evolved across all verticals – from home, shopping malls, transportation hubs to medical and industrial automation, creating intelligent end-to-end solutions for home, retail, IoV, HMI and infotainment with displays that can be seen everywhere.

Innovative display solutions on the AU Optronics official website

AUO leverages its extensive R&D and manufacturing experience to develop high value-added and differentiated display applications, introducing cutting edge technologies such as 8K4K resolution, wide color gamut, high dynamic range, mini LED backlight, ultra high refresh rate, ultra high brightness and low Energy consumption. AUO also actively develops curved, ultra-thin, bezel-less, extremely narrow and freeform shapes that boast aesthetic beauty in terms of design. AUO is committed to providing next generation display technologies. Micro LEDs, flexible and foldable AMOLED, and fingerprint recognition technologies have also been developed to enable people to enjoy a new “smart” life experience.

Product Features:

  • Super high resolution
  • High frame rate
  • Extended dynamic range
  • Curved display
  • Super narrow bezel
  • Free form
  • Sensor technology
  • Sensory solutions

Sensory solutions

AUO’s versatile integrated touch solution integrates touch functionality directly into the panel manufacturing process for added value. The advantages of AUO touch panels include a slim and light design, exceptional optical performance and simplified manufacturing processes. A number of different touchscreen solutions have been developed for tablets, laptops, smartphones and industrial applications.

AU Optronics official website presents AUO laptops application, which has developed an integrated oTP (On-cell Touch Panel) touch solution and a lightweight integrated oTP Lite touch solution.

The integrated oTP sensor solution offers flawless design, high resolution and high transmittance. It is also compatible with professional drawing pens for smoother and more precise writing, drawing, or marking for a more intuitive user experience.

oTP Lite is the world’s first design without protective lenses for lighter and thinner devices. Its mechanism design conforms to VESA standards, making it easy to implement touch functions in customers’ products.

For smartphone applications, the AUO In-Cell Touch solution uses an integrated touchscreen and display solution that integrates touch functionality into the manufacturing process. This greatly simplifies the manufacturing process for touch panels, resulting in a thinner touch panel.

AUO Free-Form technology can be applied to a wide range of products, including the dashboard, rearview mirror and Central Information Display (CID) on vehicle displays. Free-Form technology can even be used for integrated through-hole touchscreen displays. This technology makes intuitive interfaces and simplified designs possible.

In addition, AUO currently boasts the world’s largest circular double-sided LCD display, which is suitable for billboards, advertisements, furniture, and large gaming machines. The rounded shape helps the display stand out from the crowd, enhancing marketing and messaging efficiency.

Lamination of displays

Lamination can be done on AUO’s own protective touch glass as well as LCDs / OLEDs using clear optical glue / clear optical resin (OCA / OCR) for universal adhesion. AUO’s lamination technology has been developed from traditional flat lamination to curved lamination and can meet customers’ varied product and specification needs.

There are two types of product structures: “protective touch glass” and “plastic lens cover”. The plastic lens cover meets increased safety requirements, as it prevents glass fragments from flying out in the event of a panel breakage.

AUO lamination technologies are mainly applied in three product categories. The first is automotive displays. In response to the large message display trend driven by IoV applications, AUO is developing laminating technology for freeform multi-screen and large curved single-screen displays. For consumer products, AUO’s narrow bezel laminating technology achieves a completely flat display and conforms to a design style that strives for conciseness and alignment. For electronic whiteboards, AUO creates panels with narrow bezels, multi-finger recognition and less vulnerability to signal interference, meeting the demand for interactive communications such as multi-user video conferencing and digital education.

Warranties and delivery

Megatronicka ​​offers a wide range of displays for industrial and household use of various forms and functions from AU Optronics. All goods have a full guarantee from the manufacturer. Delivery is carried out within the territory of the  CIS countries.

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