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Kromschroder relay


You can buy Kromschroder Relays from Megatronicka company wholesale or retail. We will deliver the Kromschroder Relay to any region of Russia. We can offer an exact analogue. We work directly with the manufacturer, without using intermediaries.

Relay Kromschroder – manufactured using modern technology from high quality materials. Pressure switches are resistant to high loads and protect the system from surges, pressure rise and discharge of the internal environment in the system. The device can be used for gas supply of industrial premises, in private houses or new apartment buildings.

Pressure sensors are intended for:

  • to control gas or air pressure;
  • to work as a safety relay.

The device has passed the necessary testing for operability and functionality. The company’s products have international approval and are popular in more than 50 countries around the world.

Kromschroder relay


Pressure switches are capable of monitoring the minimum or maximum allowable differential pressure limit. With an increase in these indicators, a closure occurs, after the normalization of the state, an opening is observed. The trigger point is adjusted using the hand wheel. These sensors are suitable for industrial installations using gas or air.


  • ventilation;
  • fuel combustion systems;
  • fan;
  • air conditioning.

It is recommended to install the sensors in a vertical or horizontal position.

Main varieties

DG pressure transmitters

Such devices are used to control the formation of overpressure, vacuum and sudden changes in gas equipment. It is a great alternative to safety relays.

There are several options:

  • DG N – sensors designed to block the system at reduced pressure;
  • DG B – products are used for overpressure in a system with gases, flue gases and air;
  • DG H – devices of this type, allow blocking the operation of the system when the pressure rises;
  • DG U – sensors are suitable for vacuum in case of differential or overpressure;
  • DG I – sensors are designed for gas discharge;
  • DG S – sensors facilitate monitoring of excess pressure (ammonia or oxygen);
  • DG C – applicable in safety devices, they are triggered when the pressure drops or rises.

These sensors are suitable for various types of gases: natural, liquefied, flue gas, biogas, air, ammonia. The range may vary and depends on the model from 0.5 to 500 mbar. The body material is reinforced plastic with a high degree of protection. Working temperature from -10 to + 70 degrees. The device is connected via screw terminals. Model DG C – connected with tapered thread.

Kromschroder relay

DL pressure sensors

The main working medium for such sensors is air, they are intended for vacuum, differential, and excess pressure. There are several types of modifications: DL E, DL A, DL K.

Technical features of devices:

  • working temperature range is -15 to +80 degrees;
  • the maximum working pressure is considered to be from 300 to 150 mbar;
  • activation range – from 0.5 to 150 mbar;
  • production material – high-strength plastic.

How to choose

It all depends on the scope of such sensors. They can be bought to reduce overpressure, from overloading the system, to discharge air or gas. There are models that are suitable for air or different types of gas.

When choosing, pay attention:

  • for power;
  • on the principle of work;
  • on the temperature;
  • on the degree of protection;
  • on the installation method.

Do not forget about the level of the maximum permissible load, operating pressure and material of manufacture. It is preferable to buy such equipment from trusted and reliable manufacturers with extensive experience in the field of production for gas supply of industrial premises, private houses or apartment buildings.

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