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Specter 3G – new from B&B

B&B Electronics announces the launch of its new SPECTER 3G user-configurable cellular router for wireless remote machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity over CDMA and HSPA + cellular telephone networks, as well as network backup. Designed for plug-and-play simplicity with extensive remote control, deployment and configuration capabilities, SPECTER 3G wirelessly expands M2M LANs connected via Ethernet 10/100, RS-232 or RS-422/485.

Users manage robust router configuration options, such as automated firmware updates that change the configuration of multiple routers at the same time, through a secure and easy-to-use web interface or a powerful scripting engine. The robust metal housing with a wide operating range (-30 to 60 degrees C) and DIN rail mount make the SPECTER 3G ideal for M2M connectivity in harsh or remote environments.

Areas of application of the new B&B on the official website

SPECTER 3G is designed for both corporate and industrial M2M communication systems, including: corporate networks, intelligent transport systems / ITS (traffic, toll roads, parking), security / camera surveillance, transaction management (ATMs, points of sale, kiosks, lottery), remote monitoring, industrial automation, energy management (distribution and oil / gas / water networks), as well as geological, environmental and weather monitoring systems.

The router is offered in a flexible, modular format to meet customer needs, with seven possible configurations that simplify standardization, deployment and fleet management. Its standard configuration includes one 10/100 Ethernet port, one USB host port, one binary input / output (I / O) port, and two SIM card holders. (The second SIM card holder provides network redundancy as the router can automatically switch between GSM service providers or plans if one connection fails.) Two expansion ports give customers the ability to add additional Ethernet ports (two additional, three in total), Serial ports (RS232 / 485/422) or I / O ports. Another improvement opportunity is the Modbus TCP / IP connection to Modbus RTU,

The easy-to-use R-SeeNet remote management platform allows users to configure and manage multiple routers on the network, eliminating the need to make policy changes for one router at a time or visit field technicians. R-SeeNet allows network administrators to monitor the health and activity of routers using snapshot or trend data to analyze patterns to improve efficiency. Monitored variables include:

  • amount of data transferred
  • signal strength
  • response time
  • the number of connected PPP connections or channels.

The password-protected web interface allows users to easily manage robust router configuration parameters such as setting the router to automatically update its configuration and firmware from the operator’s central server using Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) technology. This allows for seamless simultaneous bulk reconfiguration of every router in the network. Additional easy-to-use diagnostic features such as automatic restart on loss of connection and hardware monitoring “watchdog” ensure continuous communication.

A powerful scripting engine allows the router to make decisions based on user-defined conditions that users enter through a dedicated startup script window. Examples might include SMS and binary input configuration, or automatic switching from a faulty primary connection to a backup connection over another network.

Users can also create four different profiles / configurations on the same router. This makes it possible to switch between work profiles either remotely via R-SeeNet, local web interface, SMS, or automatically via built-in I / O.

SPECTER 3G supports a wide variety of VPN protocols including IPSec, OpenVPN, and GRE Tunneling. It also supports DHCP, NAT, NAT-T, SMTP, DynDNS, NTP, VRRP, HTTPS, SSH, OSPF, RIP, SMS BGP control, and more.

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